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Frequently Asked Questions  

1. With so many Agencies around, which Bail Bond company should I choose?
At House of Bail Bonds, our top priority is customer satisfaction and we try to cater to your each and individual situation. We give you honest and complete details about your situation, as well as keeping all of your valuable information COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. We are a professional corporation, licensed by the state. We have staff readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will to come to your work or to your home if necessary. Keep in mind, House of Bail Bonds is here to help out the community. We are one of the most flexible Bail Agencies with payment plan options, which means that we will try to accommodate your needs according to your financial situation.

2. How long will it take to get out of jail?
Here at House of Bail, we pride ourselves in rapid service. Which means as soon as the jail says that your individual is ready for bail; we immediately post the bail bond. Actual Release time depends upon the jail facility in which your individual is held. If he/she is at a city jail facility release time can be anywhere from 10mins – 1hour, where a county jail facility may take anywhere from 2hours-12hours. You can call House of Bail Bonds for a more accurate estimate depending on the exact jail facility where your loved one is being held.

3. Do I need collateral for a bail bond?
In most cases collateral is not always needed. Every situation is different and our trained professionals would be able to inform you if collateral is needed in your case.

4. What if the person I bail out does not appear in court?
First off, the court will issue a bench warrant for the arrest of the person out on bail. In addition, a notice will be sent to HOUSE OF BAIL BONDS in regards to the failure to appear in court, also known as a Bail Bond Forfeiture. Once the Bail Bond has been forfeited, our clients have two options. Reinstate the Bail Bond so that the individual can keep making all of his/her court appearances. The other option would be to surrender the individual back into custody if he/she is not willing to cooperate. If you need more information regarding this matter, please call our office where any one of our agents will be more than willing to address any specific concerns.

5. How much is a bail bond?
10% of the Bail Amount is the Standard California Rate. We can also offer an 8% rate if you qualify. Do not be fooled by misleading advertising which states 5% bail. What those companies really mean is 5% down payment and the 5% once the individual is released from jail.

6. Can we call with any bail related questions free of charge?
Yes. We Help EVERYONE who has bail bonds related concerns. Please contact us at HOUSE OF BAIL BONDS immediately for any and all of your questions and a bail agent will be ready to help.


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